Heartland AG Group:
At Heartland Ag Group Ltd. – – we enjoy the slogan from Larry the Cable Guy – – “GIT-R-DONE”. It fits Hutchens Bulldozing perfectly.
Mother Nature impacts our growing season and gives us a small window to do drainage and conservation projects. Our landowners want work completed – – so we call Hutchens Bulldozing knowing it will get done quickly and properly. We like the wide variety of projects they can handle – – a one stop service!

Dale E. Aupperle, AFM, ARA
Heartland Ag Group Ltd.

From Thomas W. Kowa ( Scan from a letter sent by Mr. Kowa )

From Chastain & Associates
As a Consulting Engineer representing many different clients and many different projects, I am often asked to either recommend contractors to do work on land development projects or solicit bids for the various types of work required to complete the project. I always recommend Hutchens Bulldozing as one of the contractors to complete the earth excavation portion of the project.

They have completed many projects for me and my clients ranging from a small individual site of one half acre up to a complex site of 50 acres. They have completed all of the earthwork items for residential, commercial and industrial projects consisting of the site cut, site fill, compaction, backfilling, rough grading, fine grading, etc. They have built small one acre ponds up to 10 acre ponds or small lakes including the construction of the structural earthen dams.

Once Hutchens lands on a site they complete the project in accordance with the plans and specifications. When they leave a site, their work is done and left in a condition which is ready for the next contractor. Their finished project is neat in appearance and on grade.

Phillip W. Cochran, P.E., P.L.S.
Partner, Land Development Division
Chastain & Associates LLC